How To Plan A Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties have been a popular form of entertainment for many years. That is because it is possible to host such a party for both friends and team building activities in Melbourne. Unlike other events, there are no restrictions on the guests. Therefore one should not be surprised with its popularity. But merely because it is popular does not mean it is easy to plan. Instead, it proves to be an extremely challenging task. That is because one has to ensure that each and every aspect of this party is carefully planned and executed.

Create a Budget

When you are the host there is an immense pressure on you for everything to be perfect. Therefore in order to achieve this perfection, many individuals tend to spend more than they own. Although it may result in a fun party it does not well at the end for the host. In that case, your first step should be to create a budget. This would allow you to determine how much you can traditionally afford to spend on this day. Furthermore, you may not realize this but the budget would help to make later decisions. For instance, once you know the amounts you can determine whether you wish to hire an event management company or not.

Hire a Bartender

Any party planner worth their salt would tell you to hire a bartender. This is recommended because as the host you cannot be expected to make drinks. Instead, you should be given the opportunity entertain the guests. Therefore due to this reason you should hire an experienced bartender. However, if you are already hiring a catering service you could ask one of these individuals to man the bar. This is recommended because these individuals too have experience in making drinks.


For a cocktail party, there is no need to serve a four-course meal. Instead, you should strive to serve canapés. This can be both cold and hot canapés. But you should strive to serve an array of dishes including both vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes. This is recommended because it would suit the preference of each and every guest. Furthermore, one should keep in mind that ordinarily sweet dishes are not served at a cocktail party. However, if you want you could serve some in order to signal to the guests that the party is winding down.


As it is a cocktail party you would ordinarily have ingredients to make only cocktails. But it is advisable for one to also have some wine bottles in stock. This is recommended because some people would prefer wine over cocktails.

Cocktail parties can be fun to host if you plan it properly. Therefore make sure to read the above article for some much-needed tips.